The ultrasound education is a longitudinal curriculum throughout all three years.  There are designated months each year when the residents have an additional focus on emergency ultrasound.  They attend biweekly lecture/ hands on ultrasound training at the bedside with the ultrasound director. There are additional scanning shifts throughout the month for further practice and education.  The residents are required to meet a minimum number of scans during their month which help them reach their annual minimum ultrasound requirement.  Residents receive feedback on every ultrasound they perform and every image is reviewed for quality and accuracy of interpretation. By implementing ultrasound early in their training and continuing it throughout all three years, the residents learn to integrate the ultrasound into their daily practice of patient care in the ER.  This helps them rapidly assess patients and rule in or out disease in an effort to improve patient care, safety, and flow through the emergency department.

As well as the ultrasound education they receive on the University of Chicago campus, they also receive additional education at North Shore during some of the monthly simulation sessions as part of their residency conference schedule.

Emergency Ultrasound Elective

Residents have an opportunity to do an additional month in emergency ultrasound as an elective during their third year.  This month allows the resident additional time to master their skills in preparation for graduation and working on their own in the community.  They will learn advanced ultrasound applications and techniques during this month to further their ultrasound education. They will have additional scanning and educational requirements and help organize and run scanning shifts for the junior residents who are on their ultrasound month.