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Serving the Southside Community

Dr. Abdullah Pratt, or “D” as he is more frequently called, has always had a deep seeded dedication for mentoring, solving Healthcare Disparities, and improving underserved communities similar to his own. He has spent his life on the South Side of Chicago, going from a participant in the UChicago Health Professional’s Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP) and Pritzker School of Medicine Experience in Research (PSOMER), to a medical student and resident at the University of Chicago. After residency, he joined the faculty of the Department of Emergency Medicine and has continued his work as an advocate for systemic changes that improve health literacy and access to sustainable healthcare. He serves as an incredible resource for residents seeking to do more for our surrounding communities.

Below are some of the recent community events organized by D and others

Dr. Abdullah Pratt served as Keynote Speaker and Dr. Leslie Anderson led a panel speaking on a number of topics centered on improving themselves as applicants to medical school, as Under Represented Minority students.

University of Illinois SNMA-MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students) Inauguration and Workshop

Founder, Taryn Randle, and Dr. Abdullah Pratt worked in community gardens with high school students, to help them understand their contribution toward improving community health. The student’s efforts included converting dangerous abandoned properties into sustaining gardens in the high violence area of Englewood in Chicago. Some of the young men are part of “Becoming A Man” (BAM), a program for at-risk young men in Chicago. They studied acc supported by UChicago’s crime lab. Dr.  Pratt and Taryn Randle are planning expansion of this by hosting community health fairs for youth with support from UCMC nurses as well.

Getting Grown Collective

Dr. Pratt taught high school students from Chicago’s Southside the techniques and usefulness of using ultrasound and head-to-toe clinical skills. The students had a great time with cardiac and ocular ultrasound experiences. One of the HPREP graduates, Karion, became a mentee of Dr. Pratt’s and is a recurring participant in the Illinois Heart and Rescue CPR community education program.

In another part of this program, the Professional Series, UChicago Pritzker SNMA students dedicated time to help Under Represented Minority students from Chicago Public Schools develop the professional skills of essay writing, CV/resume development, and interview skills required to become standout Pre-Medical students in college.  Dr. Selwyn Rodgers, Trauma Director at UChicago Medicine was a guest speaker, talked about his journey, what has worked for him, and the need for Under Represented Students from Chicago’s Southside to become healthcare professionals to improve their own community.

HPREP (High School Preparatory Recruitment and Exposure Program)

Dr. Abdullah Pratt led a panel of various young professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds to inspire students from one of Chicago’s high violence risk areas (Roseland) to think about careers with skills that would benefit their own community. This in turn would create even more opportunities for themselves, while positively changing their environment.

Julian High School, Millennial Professionals Career Day

Second year residents, volunteered to attend varsity football games for an under-resourced team that is in the underserved area of Bronzeville, just north of UCMC.  Both residents have covered every game, referred many of the serious injuries to UCMC, and have secured follow- up with Holly Benjamin, MD.  Phillips High School is currently the #1 team in the state and undefeated. Phillips High School receives the most athletic scholarships of any Chicago Public School.

Phillips High School Football Coverage

Illinois Heart and Rescue CPR community education program demonstrated that a former HPREP standout, Karion, is now a consistent community educator.  Karion realized that community education can be a contribution she can make towards solving some of the health disparities she and her family have suffered.

Illinois Heart and Rescue CPR Education in Hispanic Underserved Communities

Sixty high school students from EPIC Academy Charter School located on Chicago’s southeast side attended our Southside High School Medical Symposium. These students have shown an interest in the medical profession. The Symposium was a multi-departmental collaborative effort between The Pritzker School of Medicine, the Trauma department, The Simulation Center, and The Emergency Department. Huge thanks to the support that came from our House staff, medical students, and even pre-med undergrads. They helped facilitate and coordinate the events.

Southside High School Medical Symposium