UChicago EM

Diversity of Diversity

At the University of Chicago, we celebrate diversity in all ways. We believe that a diverse academic team creates open, thoughtful discussion among peers, as well as meaningful connections with our diverse patient population, and fosters culturally competent care. 

Residents also contribute to national discussions of diversity. This includes Dr. Sandra Coker (PGY-1) and Dr. Arthur Pope (PGY-3) who serves as Vice Chair of EMRA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

Female Leadership

Despite advances in the total number of female EM physicians, evidence of bias, wag gaps, and academic promotion inequity still abounds within the field. At UChicago we are lucky to have amazing females in leadership positions throughout the residency, including Dr. Babcock (Section Chief), Dr. Cheema (Associate PD), Dr. Olson (Assistant PD), Dr. Chekett (Director of International EM), Dr. Carter (Clerkship Director), Dr. Tataris (EMS Medical Director), Dr. Hogan (Director of Geriatric Medicine), and many others. Our residents are equally as inspiring and frequently participate in national discussions on gender in EM. Most recently, Sandra Coker, MD (PGY-1) presented during Fix feminem 2020. Dr. Coker’s presentation was titled  “How to Self-Promote & Not Feel Weird.”