The University of Chicago Medical Center

The University of Chicago Medical Center includes the adult facility, the Bernard Mitchell Hospital, the Comer Children’s Hospital, eleven additional specialty hospitals and over 60 general and specialty clinics housed in a state-of-the-art outpatient facility, the Center for Advanced Medicine. In addition to being licensed for 400 inpatient teaching beds there are more than 400,000 annual outpatient visits. The hospital has achieved the vaunted U.S. News and World Report “Honor Role” status every year since its inception and our nursing care programs enjoy “Magnet” status!

Transplantation, highly complex cancer treatment, aeromedical transport, extensive research programs and the ability to care for both primary and complex medical patients characterizes the mission of the Medical Center.

The Adult Emergency Department (ED) sees 53,000 adult patients and accounts for 25 percent of hospital admissions. The Adult ED consists of 45 patient care beds, including six trauma/resuscitation suites and separate rooms for infection isolation, care of immune compromised patients, and psychiatric consultations. In the general care area, all rooms are equipped with critical care monitoring capabilities.

The Comer Children’s Hospital (Pediatric) ED came on line in late 2007 and consists of 28 critical care beds for monitoring acutely ill patients; all are private examining rooms; in addition there are two specialized isolation rooms, a procedure room with gas anesthesia available, a large orthopedic room with mobile fluoroscopy, and two large trauma resuscitation suites (OR level capability). The Pediatric ED is attended and directed by full-time pediatric emergency medicine specialists. The Pediatric ED patient census for 2008 was 33,000, thus a total of nearly 90,000 emergency patients are taken care of annually at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

The University of Chicago Medical Center directs prehospital care for the entire south side of Chicago. The command center for the Chicago South Mobile Intensive Care System is located in a specialized telemetry room within the adult emergency department. Other facilities in the Emergency Department include a well equipped laboratory for use by the ED staff, a classroom, and a decontamination room specifically equipped to handle hazardous materials, including radiation decontamination.

The Department of Radiology is immediately adjacent to the Emergency Department providing quick access for emergency procedures. All past, current and emergent radiographs, including general, CT and MRI images are immediately available in the ED via a digitalized radiology imaging system.

The six trauma/resuscitation suites are immediately adjacent to the ambulance bay. The main trauma suite is equipped with a video camera and monitor which is used to record and review resuscitations. This experience is invaluable for analyzing and learning from the acute care setting. The faculty feel that this facility provides an environment which is conducive to optimal patient care and the education of residents.We are pleased to report that our new adult emergency department opened in January of 2018.