Third Year

Photo of Zak Abdulnabi MD
Zak Abdulnabi MD
Case Western

I was born in Poland but spent most of my early childhood in Algeria. At a young age, my family relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan where I attended Pioneer High School then the University of Michigan. After graduating with a B.S. in Biology, I attended the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio where I discovered the rewards and challenges of working in a busy urban setting. I decided to pursue residency training in emergency medicine due to the acuity, pace, and variety of the specialty.

I chose the University of Chicago EM program because of the outstanding faculty and residents that I met on my interview day as well as the world-class clinical opportunities. My professional interests include pre-hospital care, austere environment medicine, and hospital administration. I look forward to exploring all the program has to offer, getting to know the city, and learning to be an excellent emergency physician. I occupy my free time with basketball, strength training, live music, travel, and my family and friends.

Photo of Patrick Ardron-Hudson MD
Patrick Ardron-Hudson MD
Oregon Health & Science Univ

Born a Californian, I moved to a rural area outside of Eugene, Oregon where my love for all things Pacific Northwest first blossomed. Oregon has now adopted me as my home state. I grew up on acreage, helping my father log and harvest lumber from our ranch. I escaped the labors of the ranch to attend a liberal education at Reed College in Portland, OR studying the sciences and psychology. During a year off in college, I worked as a bicycle mechanic, traveled, and trained as an EMT-Basic. After college, I worked as a scribe in emergency rooms which re-ignited my love for the EM environment. I continued my education at Oregon Health & Science University, obtaining first a masters in public health. This education grew my desire to apply statistical evidence based medicine to individuals. I continued at OHSU for medical school. The pinnacle of my time in medical school was completing home visit rounds with my preceptor on bicycles to the homeless people of downtown Portland. Representing a close second, was my day-long medical helicopter ride-along over the central Oregon desert and mountains while on my surgery rotation. During my time in medical school I met my wonderful partner, Elise, whose studies took us to Connecticut where she to pursued her master’s degree in Family Therapy. We graduated in the same year and the West Coast called us back. I completed a year in a family medicine residency on the edge of the picturesque Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. Soon I realized that my ultimate dream of being George Clooney in ER would never come to fruition from my time in the family clinic unless I took a big leap. I am very excited to be headed to the University of Chicago for emergency medicine. I am looking forward to the academic environment, resources for education, diversity in training environments, and importantly the autonomy and responsibility that comes with a resident staffed aeromedical service. We aim to return to the Pacific Northwest.

Photo of Maureen “Mo” Canellas MD
Maureen “Mo” Canellas MD
Chief Resident Univ of Colorado

I was born and raised in Ballwin, Missouri. I like to say that I’m Mo from MO… so I’m a huge St. Louis Cardinals and Blues fan… sorry Chicago natives! I knew very early that I was going to go into medicine, most likely because I watched M*A*S*H reruns almost every day. Fun Fact #1 – I named my new husky Hawkeye, after my favorite character.

I attended the University of MO with my older brother and twin brother. I got my degrees in Mathematics and Biochemistry. I primarily enjoyed math related courses, including enzyme kinetics research and studying the Google (aka PageRank) algorithm. Outside of studying, I spent the majority of my time playing sports. Luckily, I had the opportunity to compete nationally for the Club Softball and Flag Football teams. My brothers and I even had a few rec league championships on teams together. Fun Fact #2 – Imagine a flag football team full of nerdy engineers and mathematicians called the Standard Deviations winning the championship on Pi Day during Engineering Week. Can’t beat that!

After Mizzou, I decided to head closer to the family ranch in Colorado and attended medical school at the University of Colorado. Fun Fact #3 – I may have left Mizzou, but my face is up on the wall in the Student Union! I take a picture with my freshman self every time I visit.

I chose EM as it is a specialty of “controlled chaos” full of adrenaline and an emphasis on efficiency. I hope to continue using my mathematics background to do an Administration Fellowship and obtain a MBA to further make EM more efficient in terms of patient care. I’m so honored to be a part of an amazing legacy here in South Side and to work with the underserved population here in Chicago.

Fun Facts for the win! –A big goal of mine is to visit every country in Europe. Don’t ask me to play basketball unless you want both of us to be incredibly embarrassed. Let’s just go rock climbing instead. I’ll never turn down an opportunity to saddle a horse and ride into the sunset like a cheesy John Wayne movie. My twin brother got his doctorate 6 months after I got mine. He might be older, but I’m totally winning in the twin war

Photo of Mark Chottiner MD
Mark Chottiner MD
Univ of Maryland

I was born and raised in Maryland just outside of Washington, DC. After high school I went to the University of Maryland, College Park where I majored in Biology with the plan to pursue a career in medicine. My interest in emergency medicine began while working as a scribe at an emergency department in Annapolis during my last two years of school. After undergrad I moved to Philly for a master’s program at Drexel University College of Medicine to bolster my resume and check out a new city. From Philly I moved back to Maryland to complete medical school at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. While I have lived almost all my life here in Maryland, I am so excited to venture west to Chicago for some new experiences!

In my free time I like to hang out with friends and family, jog, read, go to museums, travel, and watch movies, and more recently I have started to get into camping and hiking. Coming from the DC area I am a big Redskins fan, but enjoy watching all sports! Love seeing my Terps excel in the Big 10! I’m also a big fan of food which I have heard is a very good thing to enjoy while living in Chicago! I can’t wait to explore the sites, both culinary and historic, that Chicago has to offer!

From the few years I spent as a scribe in the ED, I was pretty sure emergency medicine was the specialty for me. I loved the variety of medicine that the specialty allows you to practice. I mean what other specialty provides an opportunity for you to go from reducing a shoulder to diagnosing a stroke, and allows you to work with people from every background and of every age. I love that you never know what will come through the door next! While interviewing at the University of Chicago, I really enjoyed the obvious camaraderie among the residents, and am very much looking forward to becoming a part of that family!

Photo of Dustin Harris MD
Dustin Harris MD
Chief Resident UCLA

Hello there! My name is Dustin, pronounced in the traditional way. I came to the University of Chicago by way of Florida, Minnesota and California. I was born a twin, he does not look like me, I mean we look like brothers but not twins. I decided to pursue medicine as a young boy having the opportunity to experience the joy of caring for another person, my little sister, when I was just eight years old. Living in Florida, I have been to Disney World over 20 times. I also love roller coasters. My family relocated to Minnesota because we wanted more snow and lakes in our lives. There I started playing sports like cross country and track. Passing cars like to yell “Run Forrest, Run!” I’m use to it. I am now obsessed with running, I ran competitively in college and now enjoy a fast marathon from time to time.

From Minnesota, I ventured to California. I attended the University of California, San Diego for my undergraduate degree. I majored in Human Biology and minored in Theatre/Psychology. I was apart of their improv group, Foosh which is not referring to Fall On Out Stretched Hand. I have been telling jokes since I was two years old, I can still tell you my first joke. I now write jokes and try my hand at stand up comedy from time to time so being in Chicago will be superb.

I then headed to Los Angeles and attended the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles for medical school. It was a great 4 years and I was able to cultivate my interest in emergency medicine. My research in emergency medicine delved into the topic of shared decision-making which is something I can see myself continuing while at UChicago.

Being in Chicago is going to be a stellar experience. I can be close to my Minnesota family, experience the laughter brought to you by Second City and take a leisurely run around Lake Michigan. I’ll never forget my interview day at UChicago. The energy of the residents and administration was palpable. I wanted to be apart of such an amazing program. I’m glad that this will be my new home and I am excited to work with my new family.

Photo of Michelle Ho MD
Michelle Ho MD
Univ of Maryland

I was born in NY but raised in Maryland, outside of D.C. I went to the University of Maryland, College Park for undergrad. Go Terps! I was a Biology major in college and spent some time before medical school as a scribe in an emergency department, in Northern Virginia, which sparked my interest in Emergency Medicine. I completed medical school at the University of Maryland and am excited to move to Chicago for residency!

Growing up I enjoyed playing most sports but my sport of choice is softball. I played through college but don’t get to play nearly enough anymore. I’d love to get back into any team sporting activity in Chicago! In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, going out to try new restaurants, cooking (especially trying new Blue Apron recipes), playing with my dog, and enjoying some good tv/movie time. I also love taking photos and documenting new sites and activities. I’m looking forward to exploring and photographing my new city!

Coming into medical school I was pretty confident that EM was where I was meant to be and the fast-paced, diverse, hands-on medicine that you can practice in the Emergency Room sealed it for me. I’m very excited about meeting what seem like a great group of co-residents and can’t wait to see what excitement, challenges and opportunities await me at the University of Chicago!

Photo of Andy Hogan MD
Andy Hogan MD
UT Southwestern

Howdy everyone! Little me spent the first few years of his life on or around Air Force bases in Louisiana and Delaware, chasing horse-sized mosquitoes with a flyswatter, and eatin…err…exhausting many boxes of crayons. After moving to Nashville, Tennessee with my parents–a CRNA and a jet pilot–and younger sister, I passed the rest of my childhood riding bikes, playing an excessive amount of video games, learning to tolerate country music, and drinking so much Dr. Pepper that it is forever ruined in my eyes.

I didn’t stray far from home for college and attended Vanderbilt University to study biomedical engineering. I spent my weekends rock climbing, whitewater canoeing, brewing biodiesel, and participating in an array of service organizations. Disillusioned by the swarming packs of panicky premeds on campus and interested in playing adult after graduation, I accepted my most interesting job offer out of college and moved to oil country.

I split time in various engineering roles between Texas (H-Town), Louisiana (not the Big Easy), and various oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, weathering the effects of both the Great Recession and the 2010 BP Disaster on the petroleum industry. During this era, my experience as a volunteer at Ben Taub Hospital and several seasons of playoff-less Rockets basketball helped me clarify my career interests and plot a new trajectory.

I prepped for the MCAT during late nights offshore and finished my outstanding prerequisite courses at the U. of Houston. Having established Texas residency and eligibility for the state’s medical school network, I moved to Dallas to attend UT Southwestern. While studying quality of life measures in emergent dialysis patients over the summer after my first year, I was drawn to the energy and pace of life in the ED. Despite enjoying aspects of each of my clinical rotations, I quickly realized my future lie in emergency medicine.

In my free time, I enjoy wrestling with my two rambunctious dogs, playing soccer, reading fiction, and taking long Segway rides on the beach. I have a propensity for telling bad jokes and a serious addiction to lemon-flavored sparkling water. I also once jumped a 1969 Dodge Charger clean over Dry Creek and totally stuck the landing, although irreversible damage was done to the vehicle’s frame. (Note: The previous sentence may have been plagiarized from an episode of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard.’) That said, I’m excited to relocate to the awesome city of Chicago and join the UCEM Residency Class of 2019!

Photo of Eric Keast MD
Eric Keast MD
Univ of Michigan

Hello everyone! I was born and raised in Plymouth, MI just outside of Detroit. I went to U of D Jesuit High School in Detroit, which led me to another Jesuit institution in Loyola Chicago for undergrad! While there, I fell in love with the city of Chicago. I knew this was the city I wanted to end up in, however with the persuasion of my parents and friends from Michigan, I moved back to attend University of Michigan Medical School. Ann Arbor and all the people there were amazing, but could not wait to get back to the museums, nightlife, and beaches of Chicago!

While at Loyola I volunteered as an EMT on their Lakeshore campus. Initially, I took it as a class not knowing what to expect, however I became intrigued with every aspect of human physiology. When I still found myself reading the textbook after the class had finished, I knew I had found my passion, and naturally Emergency Medicine was by far the specialty I was most interested in. I was hoping to have a residency program which prepared me for whatever Chicago might throw my way in the Emergency Department, so of course I was honored when I opened up my match letter and found out I would be joining University of Chicago.

When I am not studying medicine, you can find me on the ice rink. I am an avid hockey fan and player, and captained my league team in Ann Arbor during medical school. Also yes, I am a huge Detroit Red Wings fan. Don’t hold it against me though, I have always considered Chicago my “second city” and will root for the Blackhawks as long as they’re not playing the Wings. In the summer, I trade in my stick and skates for a driver and putter on the golf course. I played seriously in high school, coming in all-regional and qualifying for the Michigan Junior Amateur. Unfortunately my handicap has increased significantly since then, and now I enjoy just going out on the course and having fun with friends. I am very excited to be a part of the University of Chicago family and for all the adventures of residency!

Photo of Jason Kopec
Jason Kopec
Univ of Rochester

Hi all, I grew up in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, a small town 45 minutes west of Boston. I attended the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!), and obtained my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. I first became interested in medicine as an undergraduate after shadowing physicians and seeing the amazing potential to help others that this profession offered. Following that, I matriculated at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry where I obtained my medical degree four short years later.

Emergency Medicine particularly interested me due to the great variety of medicine seen, the fast paced, hectic lifestyle, and the opportunity to help disadvantaged populations and those who may lack appropriate access to primary care. I chose to come to Chicago to complete my residency because I felt it to be an excellent fit, a great city, and where I would receive exceptional training that would allow me to become a superb attending physician.

As for my interests, sports have always been a large part of my life. Having grown up in Boston and attended Notre Dame, I am a diehard Patriots and Fighting Irish fan. I greatly look forward to returning to Notre Dame to see the home football games. I am a huge fan of playing intramural sports too, which I participated in throughout undergrad and medical school, and where our volleyball team, the Beta Blockers, was a perennial powerhouse.

Other interests include reading, hiking, and Netflix marathons among others. I have a passion for traveling and recently returned from a trip to Europe and prior to that I hiked Machu Picchu. When time permits, I always try to catch each evening’s episode of Jeopardy!. I look forward to more fully exploring the city and finding out all that Chicago has to offer. Ultimately, I am incredibly excited to begin my training at the University of Chicago in Emergency Medicine!

Photo of Hani Kuttab MD
Hani Kuttab MD
Chief Resident Loyola

Hi everyone! Despite the red hair, I was actually born in the Middle East before my family immigrated to the U.S. in the early 90s. I spent most of my life growing up in the northwestern suburb of Schaumburg (yes, home to the Ikea). I’m the youngest of 3, with an older brother (a pediatric dentist) and sister (a pharmacist at UChicago!) We’re a close-knit crew, and I’d say for not coming from a family of docs, my parents did pretty well with the sweep across the board!

I went to college at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, initially thinking that I was going to be a teacher. Medicine had always been in the back of my mind, and it wasn’t until the end of my sophomore year that I made the switch, never looking back. I started at Loyola thinking I was going to pursue Heme/Onc, but my course changed throughout medical school and I became more interested in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. I chose the University of Chicago because of the genuine emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and for my love for working with the underserved. It was the perfect balance of research, academics, and service– all amongst a group of awesome residents, staff, and attendings whom I met on interview day.

I’m constantly bouncing around the city, searching for the best parks, farmer’s markets, coffee shops, restaurants… you name it. I’m a huge Chicago Bulls and Cubs fan (this is the year!) and try to catch games when I can. In my free time, I’m either with friends, being a cool uncle to my niece, Annelise, or binge watching Netflix on the couch with the roommates. I’m really looking forward to starting my career in Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago!

Photo of Zayir Malik MD
Zayir Malik MD

I grew up in an abnormally large household that consisted of myself, two brothers, two cousins, my parents, two aunts, one uncle, and my grandparents. So despite living in the calm suburbs of St. Louis, there was rarely a quiet moment during my childhood. Our cars were always crammed; some kids jammed out to censored Nelly while others argued about who the best Super Smash Brothers character was. Looking back on it, I’m amazed our parents maintained their sanity.

Eventually I left home to attend Emory where, like everyone in college, I explored every interest that I had. I made some very close friends, studied in Spain for a bit, played a bunch of Frisbee, figured out that I wanted to be a physician, watched too many movies and TV shows, wrote a thesis about insects, then graduated with a major in Biology, Spanish, and an unofficial minor in Philosophy (basically, I took a handful of classes tried to have deep conversations about existentialism).

Enamored with Atlanta and naively anxious to keep studying, I stuck around and started med school at Emory a few months after graduating. After a hectic few years and a lot of introspection, I realized that EM was the best fit for me. I could dive into the many reasons, but what I thought was most important was that I felt at home in the ED. Whether it was because the chaos of the ED felt like those crammed cars or because the collegiality reminded me of a big family or simply because I enjoyed the work and interactions, I felt an weird sense of ease leaving each shift.

While I will forever love the ATL, I’m eager to return to my midwestern roots and start at UChicago. I feel like the program here offers an unparalleled diversity of experience (multiple sites and patient populations, lots of ICU, flight, EMS, global health) and I’m actually looking forward to each one of the next 36 months. I’ve always had a fascination with this city and I’m super excited to explore its neighborhoods and serve its people. Bring on the cold winters!

Photo of Abdullah Pratt MD
Abdullah Pratt MD
Univ of Chicago

Throughout my adult life, I’ve had a deep seeded dedication for mentoring, the solving of Healthcare Disparities, and improving underserved communities similar to my own. Having spent my life on the South Side of Chicago, I was involved in youth initiatives such as the founding of Brothas N’ Charge, where amongst other activities, high achieving African American males took the responsibility of helping their male peers overcome standardized tests and academic challenges, that previously gave them difficulties. I was probably most consumed with winning championships on the football field, but one chastised experience was when I participated in the Health Professional’s Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP). As a medical student I tried to continue as a mentor and leader within HPREP.

In 2011, I graduated from Valparaiso University with a B.S. in Biology, focusing on Developmental Anatomy, with minors in Psychology and Chemistry. As an Undergraduate, I worked to improve education for not only under represented minority students, but also for anyone struggling most with sciences.. As a rising senior, I participated in the Pritzker School of Medicine Experience in Research(PSOMER), where I was able to gain valuable insight into developing skills in basic science research, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of Healthcare Disparities.

As a medical student I would serve as an Resident Assistant and mentor to students now in the very same PSOMER program I once participated in. I swerved as the chapter President for the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) where we focused on attempting to unite this chapter with those across the city of Chicago. My passion has consistently been to return the guidance I have received over my life, to others, with the hope that my peers and I will be able to make a difference to those most in need.

As an Emergency Medicine physician, I hope to accomplish three things in particular. The first is to become adequately trained in Emergency Medicine, with the skills to treat urgent and emergent medical complaints. The second goal is to advocate for systemic changes that would improve health literacy and access to sustainable healthcare, thereby addressing persistent healthcare disparities that often lead patients to seek treatment for non-life threatening illnesses in Emergency Departments. Lastly I hope to create youth sports programs that would not only provide access to acute care for injuries, but would also help instill greater resilience and preparation for success, as sports once did for me.

Photo of Kevin Quirke
Kevin Quirke

I was born and raised in Burr Ridge, a Western Suburb of Chicago. For my undergraduate studies, I attended North Central College in Naperville, IL, and graduated with a degree in Biology. After college, I spent two years researching bacterial biofilm formation through the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Loyola University Medical Center. During this time I found myself drawn to more applied science, desired to be closer to the bedside, and ultimately decided to pursue a career in medicine.

While attending medical school at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, I became passionate about Emergency Medicine. I relished the fast pace and dynamic nature of the Emergency Department and was drawn to working on the front lines of medicine with a large team of healthcare workers uniting for a common goal. I had the opportunity to rotate at the University of Chicago in the fall of 2015, where I quickly felt a strong connection to the people and the program, and I knew early on that it would be my top choice for a residency program. I was ecstatic on match day when I learned I would be continuing my training at UChicago.

My interests outside of medicine include baseball, downhill skiing, golf, hiking, ping pong, and spending time with friends and family. I feel so fortunate to have matched at UChicago in the world’s best city, and I am looking forward to training alongside all of the wonderful faculty, staff, and residents at this hospital.

Photo of Charlotte Roy MD
Charlotte Roy MD

Being equally fanatic about emergency medicine and my hometown of Chicago, I couldn’t be more excited to train at University of Chicago! I grew up in Wilmette, just north of the city, and went to high school at New Trier with the Malnatis of Malnati’s Pizza (trust me, this makes me quasi-famous in Chicago). Having earned fame and glory in Chicago, I traveled east to Vassar College and earned a B.A. in French and Francophone Studies in 2010. After graduating, I wisely moved to the warmer climes of Austin, Texas to work for AmeriCorps as a literacy tutor at a school in a low-income Austin community. In the summer of 2011, I traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to create and teach a summer school curriculum in French. The following year, I worked part-time for an ESL program for adult refugees as a program assistant and French interpreter. I also waitressed at a Tex-Mex restaurant and learned that I really like shift work and tres leches cake. In between shifts, I rode my bicycle to yoga classes, concerts, swimming holes, and taco joints.

In 2012, I moved to New York City to attend Weill Cornell Medical College, where I joined the board of the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights (WCCHR), a student-run non-profit that conducts medical and psychiatric evaluations for asylum seekers. Over the next three years, I founded and led a new WCCHR branch called Continuing Care that connects asylum seekers to medical and non-medical services throughout the city. I am big on global health, so I made sure to get my fair share of travel in during medical school. I spent the summer between first and second year in Port-au-Prince, Haiti doing research on tuberculosis contact tracing at GHESKIO. This past spring, I studied Spanish at Pop Wuj in Guatemala and worked at a private hospital in Ecuador and an emergency department in Lima, Peru. I plan to do a fellowship in International Emergency Medicine after residency and hope to build a career working for international aid organizations. I look forward to serving Chicago’s South Side as a resident at UChicago and getting involved in the department’s work in Haiti!

Photo of Brian Strickland MD
Brian Strickland MD

I grew up in Kansas City as one of three kids, and one of two twins. After high school I went to Notre Dame, where I stayed on the straight-and-narrow path to medical school. After my four years of pre-med, I decided to take a detour in order to explore the world outside of academia, which included a year abroad in Peru/El Salvador working in rural health clinics. I learned Spanish during this year, and my experiences there probably prepared me for medical school more than anything else. After four years of medical school in Southern California, another detour was inevitable, so I completed a year of general surgery before changing fields to emergency medicine.

I have a number of interests which include golf, barbecue, traveling, surfing/snowboarding, vintage motorcycles, camping, and re-learning to play the piano. I think these reflect what is most likely the main factor drawing me to emergency medicine: variety. It’s a field where I can combine many different interests and skills into one very dynamic career. I’m looking forward to exploring all of the facets of emergency medicine available at the University of Chicago, from EMS to global medicine to working in a busy urban ED!

Photo of Garth Walker MD, MPH
Garth Walker MD, MPH

I am a born and raised Chicago native from Hyde Park and the youngest of 4 children. Although I have spent most of my life in Chicago, I lived in the Caribbean during two of my middle school years, attending boarding school in Jamaica. During my time there, I had the privilege of racing but losing (obviously) to future track and field phenom Usain Bolt.

For high school, I returned to Chicago and attended Whitney Young where I was a huge basketball head. For college, I started at Purdue University, playing football and running track, but eventually saw the light and transferred to the University of Illinois where I ultimately focused on studies. There, I completed a bachelors of science in Economics and Chemistry and truly became interested in research and medicine. After college but prior to medical school, I served one year in Americorp, working for a Washington, D.C. nonprofit, which taught and advocated for parents in challenged communities in the city to become actively involved in their children’s education. I was a community-organizer of sorts, putting on workshops for local parents and students, teaching them to be active stakeholders within their school communities. I then attended medical school at the University of Illinois. After medical school, I completed a one-year research fellowship in Pittsburgh, focused on clinical and surgical outcomes. This past year, I returned to Chicago and I earned my masters in public health at Northwestern University focusing on health services and health disparities while working for a healthcare startup. Throughout my academic career, I have tried to combine my interests in economics and urban health policy by focusing on health-related disparities, advocacy, and methods to best utilize new health services technology.

In my spare time, I am a basketball junkie (mostly watching, and playing occasionally), a Netflix binge-watcher, and a non-fiction book starter (with a bad habit of reading too many simultaneously). I also love cross training cycling, running etc.

I am extremely excited to be a part of the U of C family, and I look forward to learning from the many intelligent and amazing faculty members and residents in the Emergency Medicine program!