Life As a UChicago EM Resident

When not hard at work, our EM residents also know how to have a good time. From the first day of orientation, a strong effort is made by the UChicago EM residency program to make each resident feel welcome as a part of a large family. Realizing that it can be somewhat difficult to know your co-residents (and especially your same classmates) outside of a clinical setting, our EM residency program has made it a top priority to foster camaraderie outside of the workplace as well.Throughout the course of each year, the EM residency program supports a number of opportunities for residents to socialize with each other and release some of the stresses associated with being an ED physician. These events, in addition to the various impromptu outings that residents organize on their own, encourage bonding amongst the group. Most of our residents build long-lasting relationships that continue well beyond graduation!

Monthly Intern Events

Planned by the intern on their anesthesiology block, these events are open to all residents who are able to attend. Some past events include:

  • Whirlyball
  • Chicago White Sox game
  • Friendsgiving
  • Axe throwing
  • BBQ beach bonfire
  • Grant Park movie night
  • Escape Room

Annual Social Events

These annual events are planned by the program leadership and are a memorable bonding experience for you and your co-residents and support staff in the ER.

  • Welcome BBQ
  • Chicago Trolley tour
  • Winter holiday gala
  • Nursing appreciation party

Residency Wellness Events

Planned by the wellness committee, these events are free and open to all residents (and sometimes joint events with attendings) who are able to attend. Some past events include:

  • Biking along Lake Michigan
  • Home cooked dinners/potlucks at residents’ homes
  • Bowling outings
  • Cycling and yoga classes