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Welcome to the University of Chicago Emergency Medicine Residency

Congratulations to our new leadership team!

Join us as we congratulate Drs. Babcock, Ahn, Cheema, and Olson on these incredible accomplishments! We are so lucky and grateful to have the four of you in leadership roles making our program the best, and molding us into the future doctors we will be!

Chrissy Babcock

Chrissy Babcock

Section Chief

Instead of running our EM residency program, Dr. Babcock will now help coordinate the entire department, including residents, faculty & dept operations! We are so excited to see you excel in this new position!

James Ahn

James Ahn

Program Director

Congratulations to our prior Associate Program Director and now new Program Director Dr. James Ahn! James also runs the Medical Education Fellowship, he’s passionate about medical education and making this program the best! We are thrilled to have James as our new PD!

Navneet Cheema

Navneet Cheema

Associate PD

Congratulations to our prior Assistant Program Director and new Associate Program Director Dr. Navneet Chema! Nav is passionate about anything tox-related and always a team player! We are so happy you’re here with us!

Adriana Olson

Adriana Olson

Assistant PD

And congratulations to the newest member of our team, our new Assistant Program Director, Dr. Adriana Olson! Age has prior experience as an APD and is very involved with teaching and our conference curriculum. We are so happy to have you on our leadership team!

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One of the oldest EM residencies in the country, teaching the EM leaders of the future


A top priority is serving the South Side community both at work and through our community outreach programs.


At the busiest trauma center in Chicago, we care for blunt and penetrating trauma patients throughout our 3 years.


With a structured 3-year curriculum and our enthusiastic faculty, rolling the Ultrasound into the room becomes second nature.   


We value diversity in all senses of the word! We believe that the best residents are those that can learn from each other because of their differences.


A dedication to MedEd amongst all faculty and our amazing MedEd fellows, makes UME and GME a core theme throughout residency.


At the Northshore Center for Simulation and Innovation, residents practice rare but critical procedures and focus on communication and leadership during resuscitations.

Social EM

From global HIV and Syphilis screening, to a growing medication assisted opioid treatment, we strive to address the social determinants that dictate out patients' health.


We work along-side flight nurses and medics to transport critically ill patients of all ages by ground and air. 

Global EM

Our Global EM faculty support EM education internationally, while ensuring our residents get the global EM training and mentorship necessary to their own future careers.


Beyond working with pre-hospital colleagues during transitions of care in the ED, our exposure to the Region XI EMS system includes everything from serving as on-line medical control to ride time.


Making a large ED run smoothly requires skill and innovation. Residents partner directly with leadership to make the changes that are needed to adapt to our current circumstances.


Working in the Peds ED and PICU of Comer Children's Hospital provides residents with exposure to high-volume general and critically-ill medical/trauma pediatric care.