UChicago EM

Diversity of Diversity

Diversity is foundational to who we are at the University of Chicago and we celebrate it in all ways. We know that a diverse academic team creates open, thoughtful discussion among peers, as well as meaningful connections with our diverse patient population, and fosters culturally competent care. We actively recruit trainees, staff and faculty that are underrepresented in medicine, identify as LGBTQA+, those that come from non-traditional backgrounds, as well as all other factors that lead to diversity. We aim to create a safe space where everyone can show up as their authentic selves.


It is no secret that medicine and medical education, like all sectors of society, are impacted by racism. We have anti-racism and anti-bias training as part of our curriculum because we believe they are necessary skills for emergency medicine physicians to have. Not only is it imperative for culturally competent and appropriate patient care, but it’s necessary for creating a safe space for all of our team members. For us, anti-racism and anti-bias training is another way in which we take care of each other and contribute to the general wellness of our program. 

Women in Leadership

Despite advances in the total number of women EM physicians, evidence of bias, wage gaps, and academic promotion inequity still abound within the field. At UChicago we are proud to have amazing women in leadership roles throughout the residency. From Dr. Chrissy Babcock who is the DIO at UChicago to Dr. Keme Carter who is the Dean of Admission for Pritzker School of Medicine and the Associate Vice Chair of DEI Education for GME to three of our APDs – the section of emergency medicine is no stranger to women in leadership roles. Please view our faculty directory for more awesome women physicians!

Parenthood & Family Planning

Family planning is deeply personal and we support our residents with whatever they decide. Here is some basic information about family planning at the University of Chicago!

  • Residents are eligible for 6 weeks of paid parental leave and an additional 6 weeks of FMLA . See the UCMC Leave Policy here.
  • Scheduling for family planning is encouraged and supported by the program. We work with residents to find a solution that fits their specific needs. 
  • There is a lactation room in the emergency department which residents have access to and it is in compliance with the ACGME standards


We strive to be a program that accepts, supports, and celebrates individuals across the spectrum of gender and sexuality. The Section of Emergency Medicine has LGBTQIA+ representation among residents, faculty, nurses, and other staff in the ER, and Chicago is an incredible city for LGBTQIA+ nightlife, family living, and diverse representation. It is not uncommon to see rainbow masks, a mini-Pride parade, or LGBTQIA+-specific  on-shift teaching in our department. Additionally, we recognize that the LGBTQIA+ community faces significant barriers to equitable health and commit to continuous education and growth to better care for our patients.