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Serving the South Side of Chicago

The University of Chicago is located on the South Side of Chicago. The South Side is a collection of diverse and vibrant neighborhoods that is made up of 12 different zip codes. This area is steeped in rich culture, arts and important history.  As a result of redlining and other discriminatory policies, the South Side is one of the largest underserved areas in the country. This leads to devastating rates of chronic disease and violent injury.  

As members of the South Side community, we strive to be good neighbors and understand that many of our residents come to train here because of this community.  During orientation, we take residents on a bus tour of the South Side. We have a longitudinal Community Engagement Curriculum in which all residents participate in community events as part of their core rotations. In addition, we also have an anti-racism curriculum and a trauma informed care curriculum. Many of our residents participate in the GME wide Community Champions Program

View some of the community organizations we have partnered with: 


Find out more at ucmceep.com

Black Fire Brigade

Find out more at blackfirebrigade.com

Trauma Recovery and Prevention (TRAP) of Violence

Find out more at ucmceep.com/trap-violence

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Abdullah Pratt, or “D” as he is more frequently called, is a South Side native and is passionate about community engagement. He is the mastermind behind MedCEEP and all of its branches.  He has always had a deep seeded dedication for mentoring, solving healthcare disparities, and improving underserved communities. He has spent his life on the South Side of Chicago. After residency, he joined the faculty of the SectionDepartment of Emergency Medicine and has continued his work as an advocate for systemic changes that improve health literacy and access to sustainable healthcare. He serves as an incredible resource for residents seeking to do more for our surrounding communities.